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Here is some feedback from residents of Belk Hudson Lofts,

in downtown Huntsville, 3/20/17

  •  I was treated to the best massage I’d ever had! My husband has tried ‘deep Tissue’, and ‘Body Stretch ’,and now we’re scheduling them on a regular basis. Thank you so very much!---Whitney

  •  I can now move my neck and shoulders more freely, after many years of military wear-and -tear’---Ed

  • Highly recommend Christina’s massage, but especially her ‘Body Stretch’, they are unlike anything I have ever experienced or heard of before, her ‘Deep Tissue’ are lovely, she does great job catering to my needs, but her ‘Body Stretch’is her real claim to fame, it’s like doing extreme assisted-yoga! I have never been so loose after a massage in my life,. I felt like my limbs were finally able to achieve their full range of motion, and I felt refreshed and stronger for days afterwards. Also I slept better after the massage, because I was able to release some pent up tension,’----Michelle

  • Christina is amazing, I liked her so much , I ‘ve been having regular massage every 1-2 weeks, very attentive to my problem areas. I can’t recommend her enough;----Kim

  • I was so relaxed, I practically floated afterwards. Licensed massage practitioner Christina recently demonstrated her unique practice on lucky me, in our community room, I understand we’ve now had seven residents try her. I use her monthly to manage pain and improve balance, after back surgery. ---Carol

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